In 2009 I began pursuing web development projects. I had created a personal website using HTML, PHP and CSS with a MySQL backend years ago to teach myself some web development technologies. I was able to put that knowledge to use on several new projects and expand my abilities.

I use The GIMP and Inkscape to create the web graphics I need for sites. I currently use EditPlus, a fairly basic IDE, and code everything by hand. I rough up a basic site in HTML, then I pull the parts that are common across all pages out and create a custom PHP framework so that look-and-feel is easily preserved across every page for the site.

I have also been picking up SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques to increase page ranking on sites such as Google, MSN, and Yahoo.

Contract Work

Work that I've done for other businesses in their name on a contract basis

November 2009 - Present


Sites that I've developed under the Boulais Works name

The Naval Register


PHP, CSS, XHTML, Javascript, Flash

I redesigned this entire site, including a whole new style, a new logo, an Adobe Flash based splash screen and embedded background audio effect. I also implemented an order form that supports credit card payments via Pay Pal.

Boulais Works


PHP, CSS, XHTML, Javascript

I created all of the graphics used on this site. The site uses PHP/CSS/XHTML and has a little AJAX thrown in on the front page to change the blurb as you hover over the three main navigation buttons.

Tommy Kilby



I volunteered to put together a fund-raising/information site for Tommy Kilby, a little boy fighting lymphoma.

Some kind people at Furguson in Beltsville, MD, where Tommy's father was a client, have been coordinating fund-raising efforts for Tommy and needed a simple website. In addition to information about Tommy, the site features Pay-Pal integration for donations.

Bombay, NY


PHP, CSS, HTML, Javascript

This is the official town website for Bombay, NY. The initial site is static, and there are future plans to add dynamic features and MySQL backend support at the town's discretion.

I used SEO techniques for Google, MSN, and Yahoo to improve search results for this site.

Pontius Pines


PHP, CSS, HTML, Javascript

I redesigned the Pontius Pines website, which also uses Pay-Pal integration for web orders.

I used SEO techniques for Google, MSN, and Yahoo to improve search results for this site.